6. THE ISIS LOUNGE .. assorted pics

Oxo Cuban & Sony recording artist Annah Mac
Huddy, Amy & Muzz
Junior Oxo Kristen Macdonald
Oxo Open Mic Night performers Lisa Sutherland & Dylan Shield
Oxo Bluesman Terry Ebeling & Annah Mac
Dave Harrison & Marcel
Terry Ebeling, Huddy Hudson, Muzz Dick & Kristen & Annah Macdonald
Bassist Pania Simmonds @ Oxo Jam & Open Mic Night
Huddy @ the tubs
Terry Ebeling & Nev "The Rev" Copland .. Oxo Jam & Open Mic Night
Muzz between sets
Doug, Marcel, Pete Dickson from Mother Goose, Craig & Simon
Kristen Macdonald .. Open Mic Night
Terry & Huddy .. Oxo Jam & Open Mic Night
Bassist Piana Simmonds
Annah Mac .. taking it easy between sets
Jochim, Master Craftsman from Dunedin Piano Specialists giving TLC to the Isis Baby Grand
Jackie Bristow .. visiting from Austin Tx.

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