7. Recording Live CD @ The Isis Lounge .. setup, show & mixdown

Rob rigging the session
almost ready ...
Singer songwriters Kristen & Rita Macdonald who opened the show
Doug, Marcel, Craig & Nev
Craig & Marce
A Nev "The Rev" Hot Hammond solo ..
The Tubs Twins
interchangable Engine Room
The core Oxo Trio
Dougie delivering ..
Nev & longtime Oxo & Dunedin Arts benefactor Mark Laughton
Oxos Marcel, Mark, Doug, Nev & Craig .. after the show
Doug, Craig & Marcel with recording engineer Rob Falconer @ Dunedin's Albany Street Studios
Marcel & Robbo
Doug, Robbo & Marcel
Rob Falconer .. Recording Engineer Special Guests: Neville Copland & Kristen & Rita Macdonald

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