8. THE BIG NIGHT OUT .. Mayfair Theatre Dunedin 28th March 2010

Matt Langley & Simeon .. rehearsal @ The Drum Studio
Rita & Kristin Macdonald with Marcel & Doug @ The Drum Studio
John, Doug & Hoodie .. rehearsal @ The Drum Studio
Rita, Doug "Tiny Tim" Wright & Kristin
Matt & Jeff Rea @ The Drum Studio rehearsal
The Rev .. 1 hand, 2 keyboards .. easy
Soundcheck @ the Mayfair .. John, Marcel, Erin, Hoodie, Errol & Simeon
Stage tech Erin & John "is this where I plug in?" Meddings
Gordy wiring up
Erin from "Del Girl"
Marcel & Doug
lighting tech Errol & his ladder & lamps
Gordy, Erin & an early punter
Matt, John, Marcel & Hoodie backstage
James, Matt, Hoodie, John, Marcel & Jeff
John, Hoodie & The Rev
Kristin, Annette & Rita Macdonald
The Big Night Out stage

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