12.Oxos @ DUNEDIN STEPS UP ..Concert/Fundraiser for the Christchurch Earthquake

Marcel & monitor man Murph
Marcel & Craig's office
Event co-ordinator Doug Kamo
Doug writing the set .. Graeme wiring up
Sam, Rhys & Dave from Strawberry Sound crew
Marcel & new Oxo guitarist Nick Le Brun .. Green Room preshow
Guitarist Lyn Edmunson & Doctor Burns
Steve & The Rev .. Green room
Oxo stage manager Alan with Marcel & Nick
Jeff & Doug
The 2011 "Havana Horns" with Nick, Dave & Rob
Georgie, Alan, Dave, Marcel Nick & Allison .. waiting to go on
some of the crowd
On stage
Rob Murphy .. monitors
The Oxos "Magic of Motown" .. filling the dancefloor

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