17. OXO CUBANS 2011 assorted pics

Oxo Cubans @ The Dunedin Botanic Gardens .. Nev 'The Rev' Copland, John Meddings, Georgie Daniell, Craig, William Davidson, Lyn Edmenson, Marcel, Stevie Rice
Three original Oxos .. drummer/vocalist Ivan Hamilton, Doug & guitarist Dave Brett
Annemarie Nelson .. original Oxo lead vocalist
Ivan & Annemarie
22nd July 2011 .. The original Oxos after a reunion gig @ The Isis Lounge .. Craig, Doug, Ivan, Annemarie & Dave
Friday night @ Isis .. pic by Norm Hibbs
Doug, Marcel & Craig @ 'The Apartment' performance space Dunedin
Doug, Marcel, Craig & Special Guest Georgie Daniell .. 2011/12 Octagon New Years Eve Concert Dunedin

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