11. THE BIG NIGHT OUT # 2 .. Mayfair Theatre Dunedin 12th March 2011

Marcel, Doug & Craig with new Oxos Georgie Daniell & Annelise Le Grange
Oxo Big Night Out #2 vocalists Annelise Le Grange, Jeff Rea, William Davidson & Georgie Daniell
Oxo Cuban from way back, keyboardist & arranger Graeme Perkins with Annelise & Doug
Two fabulous Oxo singers .. Annelise & William
Annelise, Jeff, John, William, Georgie & Graeme .. preproduction meeting @ The Drum Studio
Georgie & Annelise
Oxo lead singer Dave Horizon, Annelise & Doug running songs @ Albany St Studios
Dave & Annelise searching song lyrics
Jimi, Annelise, Dave & Doug
"Hmmm ..you sure thats the right key?" .. Dave & Doug
Dave, Annelise & Doug .. more songs
Dave, Annelise & the Oxo MD at the Bechstien
Annelise Le Grange
Jahmaine Cummings .. lead harmony vocalist
Georgie & Jeff @ Isis running through lyrics
Georgie @ Isis
hmmm ...
"The Rev", John, Justin & Georgie @ the Drumstudio
John & new Oxo guitarist Justin
Georgie, Annelise, Doug & William .. harmony rehearsal @ Isis

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