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Oxo Alumni

Cast & Crew Roll

Craig Reeves .. bass, vocal, keyboards, guitar, drums, percussion
Doug Wright .. keyboards, vocal, bass, guitar, accordian
Ivan Hamilton .. drums, vocal
Dave Brett .. guitar
Annemarie Nelson .. vocal, piano
Neil Dominque .. sax, drums, vocal
Rose Wright .. backstage manager
Marie Sutherland .. production crew
Marama Mains .. production crew
Pauline O’Malley .. production crew
*The Havana Horns*:
*Sir Ted Pheloung .. trombone
*Peter McHenry .. trumpet
*Rob Wellaway .. saxes
Theresa Ho .. production crew
Julie Ryan .. production crew
Gordon "Gordy" Duff .. front of house, monitors & systems engineer, drums, vocal
Simon Glozier .. front of house sound engineer
Paul Southworth .. monitor engineer
Steve Kilroy .. lighting engineer
Peter Mac .. publicity, biggest fan
Mark Laughton .. sponsorship, co-promotion
Tim Cornelius .. artwork, graphic design
William Davidson .. vocal, percussion
John Meddings .. guitar, vocal, bass
Jan Davies .. vocal
Graeme Perkins .. keyboards
Jack Hiku .. vocal, percussion, bass, guitar
Jim Strang .. drums, percussion
Jo Jo Smith .. vocal, drums, percussion, guitar
Calder Prescott .. keyboards
Sharon Cunningham .. vocal
Stephanie MacKenzie .. sax
Kerry Dale .. sax
John Lewis .. trumpet
Nick Buchanan .. drums, bass, guitar, percussion, vocal
Karen Casey .. vocal, guitar
Hiliako Iaheto .. percussion
Noel Parlane .. vocal
Marcus Turner .. fiddle, mandolin, guitar, vocal
Alan Muir .. production crew
Lois Scott .. Fundraiser, production crew
Phil Tearau .. vocal
Dave Cooper .. sax, vocal
Norman Bresenallo .. drums
Ainsley Laverty .. keyboards
Mark Bielby .. keyboards
Murray Page .. Audiovisual
John Kiernan-Sear .. vocal
“Mildred” .. monitor engineer
Robert Semke .. keyboards, percussion
Hans Van Leeuwen .. lighting engineer
Jules Kesha .. vocal
Rachael Kesha .. vocal
John Dodd .. bass, vocal
Lorina Harding .. vocal, guitar
Sonna Riehana .. vocal
Toni Darling .. vocal
Jeff Rea .. vocal, guitar, banjo
Ben Lynch .. guitar
Pio Terei .. vocal / MC
Mike Moroney .. vocal, guitar, mandolin
Robyn Cowley .. vocal
Terry Ebeling .. harmonica, vocal, guitar
Anton "Antz" Harris .. drums, vocal
Vienna Waka .. vocal
Stacey .. vocal
Carl Tearau .. vocal, percussion
Aaron Wright .. drums
Gary “Jack” Valentine .. trumpet
Nick Cornish .. saxes, woodwinds
Suzanne Ellison .. vocal
Mark Reeves .. drums
Jo Vanderlan .. percussion, vocal
Martin Hope .. guitar
Anna Bowen .. fiddle, vocal, mandolin, puppet
Mark Phillipa .. Didgeridoo
Nick Leeden .. guitar, vocal
Cath Short .. vocal
Rhys Tilyard .. monitor & systems engineer
Jo Weggery .. vocal
Andy Gilmour .. vocal, guitar, bass
Jono Lonie .. fiddle, mandolin
Red McKelvie .. pedal steel guitar, mandolin, guitar, vocal
Andy Anderson .. drums, percussion
Gary Mark .. guitar
Maria Tipuna .. vocal
Errol Head .. lighting engineer
Dianna Corcoran .. vocal, guitar
Brian Omundsen .. saxes, vocal, percussion
Marion Burns .. fiddle, vocal
Jim McKay .. sax
Jeremy Belcher .. I.T.& Audiovisual
Rob Murphy .. bass
Jarni Murphy .. drums
Mike Brettel .. lighting engineer
Peter P.C. Caulton .. vocal, guitar
Anthony Breese .. guitar, vocal
Rob Craigie .. drums, keyboards, percussion
Paul Young .. sax
Marcel Rodeka .. drums, guitar, bass & vocal
Tosh Stewart .. trumpet
Struan Wright .. stage & production crew
Michael Crawford .. sax
Sulyn Oi .. keyboards, vocal
Mike 'Hoodie' Hood .. vocal, guitar, mandolin, dobro
Xianzhi Daniel Heng .. vocal, guitar
Rosy Parsons .. vocal
Ross McNab .. keyboards, guitar, percussion, dobro, vocal
Melissa Partridge .. vocal
"Crack" Micheal Crack-Croft ..lighting engineer & design
Ray Moore .. Drums
John Murray .. vocal, guitar
Jane Clarkson .. vocal
Kelly Olsen .. vocal, dancer
Greg MacLeod .. vocal, dancer
Lizzie Adams .. vocal, dancer
John Egenes .. pedal steel guitar, mandolin, dobro, guitar
Doug Kamo .. vocal, dancer
Andrea Cruickshank .. vocal, keyboards, guitar
Niamh O’Flynn .. vocal, guitar
Bevan Gardiner .. vocal, guitar
Lin Ong .. production crew
Annah Mac .. vocal, guitar
Kristen Macdonald .. vocal, guitar, drums
Rita Macdonald .. vocal
Nick Laughton .. vocal
Georgia McClellan .. vocal
Matthew Shea .. stage crew
Gladys Hope .. vocal
Peter Chin .. vocal
Paul Ryan .. fiddle
Mandy Meadows .. vocal
Tama Taita .. guitar
Sophie Meads .. vocal
Stuart Walker .. keyboards
Brent Wise .. bass, vocal
Steve “Huddy” Hudson .. drums, vocal, ukulele, production management
Murray "Muzz" Fiora .. bass, keyboards
Neville Copland .. keyboards, vocal
Dave Harrison .. vocal, guitar
Graham McCarther .. arena big screens & audio visual
Ross Johnston .. Director for television and arena
Graham Wardrop .. guitar, vocal
Dan Bendrups .. trombone
Robert Burns .. bass
Jacqui Nyman Ambrose .. guitar, bass, keyboards, vocal
Libby Hamilton .. vocal, keyboards
Read Hudson .. dobro, ukuele, guitar
Alec Wren .. guitar
Geoff Halberg .. Bagpipes
Lima Manu .. vocal, guitar
Jackson Rodeka .. drums, bass, guitar
Angai Fakava .. keyboards, drums, bass, guitar
Harley Jones .. drums, bass
Rob Falconer .. drums, studio production
Craig Sinclair .. bass
Janine Weatherly .. lead & harmony vocals
Dave Picard .. guitar, vocal
Rachael Trainor .. drums
Simeon Boyadjiev .. guitar
Hamish Patterson .. guitar & vocal
Chris 'The Tyke' Hudson .. bass
Matt Langley .. vocal & guitar
James Rea .. vocal & guitar
Simeon Boyadjiev .. guitar
Erin Morton .. stagetech
Georgie Daniell .. vocal & guitar
Annelise Le Grange .. vocal
Stevie Rice .. saxophone
Nick Dodd .. trombone
Justin Van De Water .. guitar
Genevieve Davidson .. saxophone
Scott Coleman .. guitar
Allan Telfer .. keyboards, vocal, stage manager
Rob Fitzpatrick .. media liasion
Lyn Edmenson .. guitar, bass
Nick Le Brun .. guitar
Kylie Price .. vocal & percussion
Bailey Wiley .. vocal
Katie Mason .. vocal & guitar
Tex Houston .. Front of House sound engineer
The Sunny Side Up Gospel Choir
The Elim Gospel Choir
Combined High Schools Choir
Champions of Otago Pipe Band
King Leo & The Growling Dogs
Sufficiently Breathless
The Little Misses Hip Hop Dance Troupe
Georgie Northcoat .. vocal & guitar
Holly Arrowsmith .. vocal & guitar
Donna Dean .. vocal & guitar
Aaron Jury .. vocal & guitar
Mr Gary Morris (USA) ..vocal & guitar
The Kopa Family
Eleanor Aldridge .. vocal & piano
"The Heartleys":
Taylor Cairns .. vocal & guitar
Kayla Mahon .. vocal & guitar
Caleb Flockton .. guitar
Owen Adams .. guitar
Daniel Coleclough .. drums
Zac Whitfield .. guitar
James Davy .. guitar & vocal 
Deina Susilo-Knox .. vocal & guitar
Bruce French .. saxophones 
Pixie Michael .. Sound engineer                                                                                                                                        Midge Marsden .. vocal/guitar/harmonica                                                                                                                          Chet O'Connell .. guitar / vocal                                                                                                                                           Tom Bell .. Front of House / Recording Engineer                                                                                                                  Kelvin Cummings .. vocal / guitar                                                                                                                                      Chris "Tyke" Hudson .. Bass                                                                                                                                                Brad Martin n.. guitar / vocal                                                                                                                                            Clive Copeman .. vocal / harmonica                                                                                                                                          Ian "Dr Glam" Chapman .. vocal / percussion                                                                                                                          Janine Weatherly .. vocal 



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